Things to know

1. The color of the bag may vary from the pictures shown on the website since each cow hide doesn't have the same color pattern. We do not use dye to make them look similar.
2. Our bags feature natural traces and marks on its surface since we do not use any protective coating to conceal the uniques of the leather.
3. Due to the unique characteristic of the leather we use, it is easily leave some trace when it get scratches on its surface. Some may find it attractive and some may don't. If the trace is not obvious and not deep, it can be removed by wiping it gently with soft damp clothe and allow it to dry naturally. 
4. When the bag is heavily use and frequently rub against your clothes or skin, the oil inside the leather will come out to making the bag look more shining in those areas. However it won't stain your clothes. To remove the oil, wipe gently with soft damp clothe and allow them to dry naturally.