How to minimize marks and scratches on my Memento bag

Scratches or traces are common on our leather bags. Just like our human skin, genuine leather bag also need to be treated with care. We recommend you use "mink oil" which you can buy from any leather store or leading department store in leather section.

    The brand that we use is Tarrago which can be easily found in any leather store in Thailand but you can use any other brands.
    Use a dry cloth to apply mink oil on the leather in circular action. Press softly and evenly over the surface. This will darken the color of the leather temporary.
    Apply it to the whole bag for an even look. 
    After you have already finished. Let it dry naturally. The color will fade back to normal after few hours or a day. 
    And there you have it! your Memento bag will look like new and have a natural look and feel to it. More importantly, your bag will be more persist to scratches and water. We recommend you to do this before starting to use it. This will help you bag last longer. 



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